"The plan remains relevant": Trukhanov told how the Russians tried to capture Odessa

The Russian occupiers have been trying to encircle and then capture Odessa since the beginning of the war.

Recently, the number of rocket attacks on the city has increased. However, there is nothing surprising in this, Gennady Trukhanov, the mayor of Odessa, is sure.

He said this in an interview with a French TV channel, reports Odessa. Officially.

“Their fleet repeatedly approached our shores. They advanced to Nikolaev, but they were stopped. Then they stopped them again to Voznesensk. That is, in fact, the plan that they had from the first day of the war remains relevant today,” said Gennady Trukhanov.

As reported, the Russian invaders on Wednesday, May 11, fired a rocket towards the Odessa region. Fortunately, it was shot down by the Ukrainian air defense.

Recall that 788 cruise and ballistic missiles were fired in Ukraine from the territory of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus on February 24. The invaders mainly used Iskander and Tochka-U missiles, cruise and ballistic missiles.

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