Will the Russians storm Odessa: expert opinions

The attack was supposed to be carried out by a ground group based in the Kherson region.

Odessa has been subjected to missile attacks by the Russian army in recent days, but the enemy troops have not been able to capture the city. Experts believe that the risk of storming Odessa has significantly decreased, and the landing is unlikely.

This is stated in the RBC-Ukraine article “Is Russia preparing an assault on Odessa and the one behind the enemy’s attacks on the city and region.”

The material notes that even at the beginning of the war, local authorities feared that Russia would storm Odessa, making a complex attack. It was supposed to be carried out by a ground group, which is based in the Kherson region. However, the infidels could not get in because of Nikolaev and Voznesensk. The second grouping was supposed to come from Transnistria.

So, the colonel of the reserve of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, military expert Sergey Grabsky claims that the main role was assigned to the troops from the Kherson direction, but they have been standing on the border with the Nikolaev region for two months now, trying to break through the defenses.

At the same time, there is not enough manpower and equipment for an attack from Transnistria in the Russian Federation. It is not yet possible to increase the contingent in Tiraspol, since Ukraine will not let the planes through because of its airspace, and because of Romania, Russia does not risk doing this.


On this issue, experts believe that it is very difficult to do this in Odessa due to possible losses. And they, according to them, will be colossal. In this regard, the kafirs probably chose the southern part of the region as a potential base.

“But the first problem with this plan is the lack of air defense. After the flagship of the Black Sea Fleet – the cruiser Moskva – was sunk, they have no air defense cover. Therefore, now they are trying to take full control and install stationary systems on Zmeiny Island, which could to provide air cover for the landing,” military expert Mikhail Zhirokhov explained.

He also noted that Russia has very limited forces and means for landing. According to Grabsky, by the beginning of a full-scale war in the Black Sea, the Russian Federation had concentrated 11 landing ships. Their total capacity was two brigades, or up to about 10,000 men. But now it has halved.

“The dynamics of events was very active. But in Pridnestrovie there are not enough forces and means. The possibility of carrying out a landing operation is practically excluded after the sinking of the Moskva cruiser and the weakening of the potential of the Russian fleet. The land strike is postponed indefinitely. Only one of the elements remains – these are rocket attacks “, – said the expert.

Due to the lack of other options, the enemy is trying to change the situation in the city with the help of missile strikes. However, after massive attacks, according to Grabsky, an assault should have followed, which did not happen. He admitted that the enemy delivered these blows due to a failure in coordination between different types of Russian troops.

However, the military administration has not yet ruled out the possibility of an assault on Odessa. OVA speaker Sergei Bratchuk emphasizes that such a threat will always exist, but so far there has been no active preparation on the part of the enemy.

Recall that in recent days Odessa has been subjected to massive rocket attacks. Russia launches missiles from the Black Sea and Crimea.

We also previously reported on the attack of the Moskva cruiser on Ukrainian Neptune missiles.

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation claimed that the flagship allegedly sank due to a fire, and as a result only one sailor died.

Later, the relatives of the Moskva crew members began to receive letters in which the Russian prosecutor’s office claims that the ship did not participate in the so-called “special operation”, and the sailors were declared missing.

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