Deadly COVID-19 outbreak in North Korea: Kim Jong-un put on a mask for the first time

The DPRK authorities reported that six people have died from a coronavirus infection, about 18 thousand have symptoms of the disease.

On Friday, May 13, North Korea announced the number of people infected with COVID-19 . According to official figures, which are announced for the first time, 18,000 people have symptoms of the disease, and six have died from the disease.

This is reported by the Yonhap publication, citing the state Central News Agency of North Korea (KCNA).

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, at a special meeting on the spread of coronavirus infection in the country, promised to eliminate the outbreak by appointing “maximum emergency” tests for the virus that violated the country’s “quarantine front”.

During a meeting with officials, Kim Jong-in was photographed for the first time wearing a disposable face mask. Previously, at such meetings and other events, everyone except the leader wore a mask.

Since the start of the pandemic, the Pyongyang government has rejected any COVID-19 vaccination program, despite proposals from other countries.

The North Korean authorities decided to try to control the infection by closing the borders, and until recently they said that there was not a single case of the disease in the country, although experts believe that the virus has been present in the country for a long time.

The South Korean government said it had once again offered humanitarian aid to its northern neighbor in response to news of the outbreak. Pyongyang has not yet responded.

Recall that Bill Gates, an American businessman and philanthropist, founder of Microsoft and the Gates Foundation, has contracted a coronavirus infection .

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