In Poltava, due to the lack of fuel, public buses do not operate.

In Poltava, due to problems with fuel, public transport in the city does not work at full strength.

According to the mayor, on Friday, May 13, 48 trolleybuses entered the city’s roads, which supplied the city’s residents with transportation.

This was announced by the mayor of Poltava Alexander Mamai.

“Yes, public buses do not go on routes due to lack of fuel . We have a strategic supply of fuel to provide the Armed Forces of Ukraine and Troops with public transport. Yesterday, the executive committee decided to allow the purchase of fuel at the prices that are now, and which changing every day,” the official wrote.

Mamai also warned carriers that if they decide to raise prices for transportation, they will be dealt with like marauders. Under martial law, looting can be imprisoned.

“We have read the information about the fare of UAH 25 and we inform you that this will not happen. For UAH 50, people will not go to work. Whoever raises the price to such a level with his own hands, we will deal with these people as with marauders,” he said. city head.

Recall that from Monday in Kharkov , the work of ground public transport is resumed. There will be 4 tram, 8 trolleybus and 25 bus routes.

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