Indian couple sues son for not giving them grandchildren

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An elderly couple from the Indian state of Uttarakhand sued their son and his wife for mental suffering. They paid their son for training as a pilot, found a wife and arranged a wedding – but he could not fulfill the mission assigned to him and give them grandchildren.

The lawsuit was filed by 61-year-old Sanjeev Prasad and his 57-year-old wife Adana in the court of the city of Haridwar.

Among the expenses demanded by the parents of the childless Shri Sagar is training in the US to become a civil airline pilot in 2006, which cost $65,000. We are also talking about an expensive car donated for the wedding and a honeymoon that cost 80 thousand dollars and was paid by the parents.

Sri Sagar lost his job due to the recession and the family had to financially support him for more than two years, his father says.

“Soon he found a job in a private airline, as a pilot, and we decided to marry him, because my wife, she is 57 years old, has health problems. In 2016, we finally married him, in the hope that he would give us grandson, which we could take care of in retirement. But almost six years have passed, and the grandson is gone. We are experiencing severe moral suffering, “he said in an interview with Times of India .

“Substantiated Claims”

Before retirement, Sagar’s father held a senior position in the state-owned engineering and production holding Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited.

According to Prasad, his son and his wife even live in different cities. He is also not happy with the behavior of his son’s wife.

“We treated our daughter-in-law like our own daughter, but she rarely comes to us, exacerbating our suffering. We even told her that if she cannot take care of the child because of work, then let her give it to us, we will raise it. We have almost no money left – we spent everything on our son,” says the former state manager.

According to the couple’s spokesman, Arvind Srivastava, their claims are well founded: they really spent the money and had expectations that the son did not live up to.

“Every parent dreams of becoming a grandfather or grandmother. They have been waiting for this for several years,” he said in an interview with the Indian newspaper The National.

The first hearing in the case is scheduled for May 17.

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