Renault's EV business to become structurally independent next year

The structural changes announced by the management of Renault did not become a sensation, as they had long been discussed at the level of rumors. The restructuring plan of one of the oldest automakers in Europe involves dividing the company into two parts. One will focus on the production of electric vehicles, and the second – on the production of cars with internal combustion engines and hybrids. The changes should come into effect from 2023.

Image Source: Renault

Image Source: Renault

As planned, Renault’s assets related to electric vehicles will be territorially concentrated in France, the company will develop this line of business with the involvement of third-party investments and partners. True, the role of the “neighbors” in the alliance – the Japanese Nissan and Mitsubishi – has not yet been determined, but the corresponding negotiations may begin as early as the end of this week. In 2023, Renault’s electric vehicle division will have 10,000 employees.

The second part of the business, related to internal combustion engines and machines based on them, will operate outside of France, but the number of specialized personnel will also be 10,000 people. If Renault electric vehicles will be produced mainly in France, then the company has enough enterprises around the world to produce cars with internal combustion engines: these are Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Romania, as well as Latin America. Partnership projects are not excluded in this area, because the same Logan in Mexico, for example, is offered under the Nissan logo.

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