"Secret note with the opposite effect": the Kremlin was convinced that Putin is healthy, but no one believes in it anymore

Today, another piece of information about Putin’s illness has appeared in the Western press. The new version of the Russian dictator’s diagnosis sounds like “blood cancer”.

This information was shared with Western sources by a certain oligarch close to the Kremlin and the President of the Russian Federation, who, of course, wished to remain anonymous for his own safety.

Experts volunteered to comment on the new information. For example, Ashley Grossman, professor of endocrinology at the University of Oxford, told New Lines: “Putin has always been a very fit man with a slightly haggard look. But over the past couple of years, he has changed, his face and neck have become puffy. It’s called ‘cushingoid appearance’, and this can be caused by taking steroids,” writes the Mirror.

Vladimir Putin / Photo: Associated Press

Twitter user @thejackhopkins claims he has been in charge of the oncology department for a year and has seen Putin’s look more than once. His verdict agrees with what people close to the president say.

“Putin is dying. Every day, slowly and surely. I was in charge of the oncology department for a year. I’ve seen that look hundreds of times.” He also published several comparison photos for analysis, signing:

“I could write an explanation, but a picture is worth a thousand words. 2020 compared to what it is now.”

Meanwhile, we also know about the “top secret note” that was sent by the FSB headquarters in March to all its regional directors and which ordered them not to listen to rumors about the president’s terminal condition. However, this had the opposite effect and somehow aroused a lot of suspicion that Putin’s diagnoses were true.

Vladimir Putin, May 9 parade in Moscow / Photo: Associated Press

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