Duda about Ukrainians in Poland: you are not refugees, but our guests


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Polish President Andrzej Duda promised to do everything possible to make Ukraine a full member of the EU and thanked Ukrainians for protecting Europe from Russia. He stated that Ukrainians in Poland are not refugees now, but “our guests”.

The Polish president arrived in Kyiv, where he addressed the Verkhovna Rada.

“Congratulations, brothers,” Duda began.

He quoted the Ukrainian anthem and poems by Ivan Franko and was emotional.

Photo by BBC

“I have seen with my own eyes the suffering, the pain, the demolished houses, the incredible tragedy of your people. I know the horrific crimes committed by the Russian invaders in Bucha. They must be held accountable in international courts,” Mr Duda said.

This is the Polish president’s second visit to Ukraine during the war. In mid-April, Duda visited the newly liberated Borodyanka and Irpen.

The Polish president appealed to the leaders of the world powers that after Bucha, Borodyanka and Mariupol there can be no business with Russia, there can be no “business as usual”.

“Show tyrants their place”

Duda stated that the Ukrainian military are heroes of Ukraine, Poland, Europe and the world.

“You used to thank us for accepting your people … And now I want to thank you. You are heroes… Thank you for protecting Europe from the invasion of barbarism and new Russian imperialism by showing tyrants their place. You are a great nation, “Duda said.

At the same time, Duda noted that some “alarming voices” say that Ukraine should give in to Russian President Putin, but these voices should not be listened to.

“Only Ukraine has the right to decide its future,” said Polish President Andrzej Duda during a speech to the Rada.

He stressed that Poland supports Ukraine in its quest for full membership in the European Union. “Poland will do everything possible to help Ukraine become a member of the European Union,” said the Polish president.

Speaking about the millions of Ukrainians who were forced to leave for Poland because of the war, Andrzej Duda said: “I would like you to know that your relatives, parents, children who were forced to leave for Poland are not refugees in our country. our guests. And they are safe in Poland. ”

Ukrainian deputies greeted these words with loud applause. There were Polish and Ukrainian flags in the hall.

Photo by BBC

Zelenski about 12 points for Poland

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky has awarded the Polish border town of Rzeszow the title of “savior city”.

It is a city through which millions of Ukrainians have fled fleeing the war. US President Joe Biden paid a visit there.

Zelensky thanked the President of Poland for the fact that the Poles had sheltered millions of Ukrainians and for the fact that Poland is pushing for sanctions against Russia.

Photo by BBC

The president said that with the start of the war, Russia had destroyed past conflicts between Ukraine and Poland: “One day it became clear that all these contradictions are not valid when there is such a threat.”

According to the President, no one can violate the unity of the Ukrainian and Polish peoples now – neither politicians nor even members of the jury at Eurovision.

“The Ukrainian and Polish peoples have given each other 12 points today and forever,” the head of state stressed.

Photo by Kancelaria Prezydenta

Caption to the photo,

Dudy presented a stamp with a ship

Zelensky made a reference to history at the Eurovision Song Contest, where the Ukrainian jury gave the Polish singer 0 points. While Poland gave the Ukrainian band Kalush Orkestra 12 points from both the jury and the audience. Ukraine won the competition.

Andrzej Duda told the Verkhovna Rada that he was confident that Ukraine would win the war.

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