Medvedchuk testified against Poroshenko to SBU: details

Viktor Medvedchuk, who has been suspected of treason and aiding terrorism, spoke about a scheme to withdraw part of the Samara-Western Direction main oil product pipeline from state ownership for further pumping diesel fuel through it.

The detained Medvedchuk began to testify.

The SBU publishes a video confession of a politician.

In particular, Medvedchuk detailed the role of former President Petro Poroshenko in it. The former president, according to Putin’s godfather, not only turned to Medvedchuk with a request to contact the leadership of the Russian Federation, but also ensured that the necessary decisions were made in all Ukrainian instances.

Photo: SBU

Thus, the detainee assures that he dealt with the issues of the pipeline at the request of the ex-president, the SBU reports. And, finally, during the year of operation, the pipeline earned for its owners twice as much money as was invested in its buyout – up to 42 million US dollars. And since May 2019, that is, after the termination of Poroshenko’s powers, the pumping of diesel through the highway has stopped.

In addition, Medvedchuk told the details of debugging in 2014-2015 the mechanism for purchasing coal for the needs of Ukraine’s energy sector in the temporarily occupied territories of the so-called “L/DPR”, practically from the leaders of the militants.

“In fact, the entire top of the state apparatus was involved in this, from the president to ministers, law enforcement officers and those who directly implemented this scheme,” the detainee explained.

He also named the specific names of high-ranking officials involved in harming the interests of our state: former officials, the former administration of the National Bank, people’s deputies and representatives of law enforcement agencies, the special service notes.

It is indicated that the Security Service continues investigative actions with the detainee in order to establish all the facts, circumstances, organizers and participants in the crimes committed.

Recall that Viktor Medvedchuk, who was under house arrest, escaped from Ukraine at the beginning of the Russian invasion. On March 18, the Lvov court arrested the people’s deputy in absentia, and the State Bureau of Investigation turned to the Ukrainians for help in searching for Medvedchuk. In addition, art objects and vehicles were confiscated from Viktor Medvedchuk. They will subsequently be sold, and the money will be transferred to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and spent on restoring the destroyed infrastructure.

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