More than 250 people were taken from Mariupol to the “filtration” camp in a day, including children

Such a number of people and children were taken out on May 22.

Yesterday, 257 residents of Mariupol, including 30 children, were brought from Mariupol to the “filtration” camp in the village of Bezymyannoye, Donetsk region.

This was announced by the adviser to the mayor Petr Andryushchenko.

“Yesterday, 257 people were deported from Mariupol to the village of Bezymianny, including 30 children,” he wrote.

He also added that deportations from the villages of Nikolskoe and Bezymyannoye to Russia or to the temporarily occupied Donetsk were not recorded “through a day off in filtration points.”

Recall that a teacher from Mariupol spoke about interrogations in a filtration camp.

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