UAH 3-5 thousand fee: occupiers set up business at checkpoints and demand money from civilians

Russian occupiers at checkpoints in the occupied part of the Zaporozhye region demand a bribe for the passage of civilians and for the transportation of humanitarian aid.

In the temporarily occupied territories of the Zaporozhye region, Russian invaders are trying to earn money with the help of armed pressure on civilians.

It is reported by the Zaporozhye OVA.

So, in Melitopol, from the locals who want to leave the occupied city, the Russian military demands from 3 to 5 thousand hryvnias at checkpoints.

“Those who do not have that kind of money are doomed to remain hostages of Russian terrorists, in conditions of unemployment, shortages and terror,” the Administration noted.

Also, for several days now, there has again been no possibility of leaving the temporarily occupied territories in the direction of Zaporozhye, not only from Melitopol, but also from Energodar. At the checkpoint of the Russians in Vasilievka, the occupiers do not let any vehicles through, there is a line of more than 400 cars.

Cars are expected from Zaporozhye, including those with humanitarian aid for residents of the temporarily occupied territories of the Zaporizhia Territory. Transport is also blocked by the Russian military.

In social networks they write that you can only get through by paying a bribe, the amount of which is from 20 thousand to 40 thousand hryvnias.

Recall that in Energodar, the so-called head of the “people’s administration” Shevchik was injured during an explosion.

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