Ukrainians around the world celebrate Embroidery Day. Photo


Author of the photo, photo by Victoria Yaskevich

Caption to the photo,

Ukrainian Victoria Yaskevych in an embroidered shirt in Austria

Ukraine celebrates Embroidery Day. This holiday traditionally falls on the third Thursday in May.

The embroidered shirt can hardly be called an exclusively traditional outfit – many Ukrainians wear it as a holiday or casual wear.

Photo by the President’s Office

The peculiarity of this year is that many embroidered shirts were worn by the military, even on the front line. Ukrainians who fled the war also wear embroidered shirts on this day.

Author of the photo, State Border Guard Service

Caption to the photo,

Ukrainian border guard in an embroidered shirt

Photo by Getty Images

Author of the photo, Facebook Natalia Lelyukh

Caption to the photo,

Volunteer doctor Natalia Lelyukh in Dnipro

Ukrainian traditional embroidery has about 300 stitches, which are made on the basis of 20 techniques.

Author of the photo, State Border Guard Service

“Today, the national costume is not only a symbol of Ukrainianness. It is like a manifesto: our struggle, indomitability, pride in our people and our country,” Vitaliy Klitschko wrote on Facebook.

Pets are dressed in embroidered shirts. This year the famous SES dog Patron became a four-legged star in an embroidered shirt.

“Supporting the traditions, today our Patron changed his” armor “to an embroidered shirt,” the SES wrote.

Photo by DSNS

Caption to the photo,

Dog Patron in an embroidered shirt instead of armor

In Ukraine, the shirt was a basic element of the peasant system and served as underwear.

Photo by Joe Giddens / PA Wire

Caption to the photo,

Ukrainian Kristina Korniuk (third right) celebrates Embroidery Day in Cambridge

In the 19th century, ornaments and decoration techniques were so unique that it was possible to determine from a shirt which village its owner came from.

Author of the photo, Vitali Klitschko ‘s Facebook

Author of the photo, State Border Guard Service

Caption to the photo,

Ukrainian border guards

The cross in Ukrainian folk embroidery became especially popular in the 1850s and 1860s, according to the Institute of Fashion.

An ordinary peasant girl had about 35 shirts in a chest, and a wealthy girl could have more than 60.

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