And in a week – already summer: what will the weather be like in June

The weather in Ukraine in the first month of summer 2022 will be warmer than usual.

The beginning of June will also be warm and mostly dry.

It is reported by Ukrgidromettsentr .

Thus, the average monthly temperature in June is expected to be 18-23°C (15-19°C in mountainous areas), which is 1-1.5°C higher than the norm.

The amount of precipitation will be within the climatic norm, forecasters say. So, their monthly number is expected at the level of 49-108 mm, in the Carpathians 109-164 mm.

Recall that earlier climatologist Svetlana Boychenko said that the weather in Ukraine in the summer of 2022 will be with the same differences as it was in the winter of 2021. According to her, the temperature in summer can drop and rise sharply. This, in turn, will lead to thunderstorms and squally winds.

In addition, as the climatologist clarified, recent trends indicate that temperatures in summer will remain above normal. In July and August, very hot days are also possible, but there will also be coolness with an average temperature of 23-24 degrees. However, a major drought in the summer is not expected.

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