Another brother of Patron: the State Emergency Service spoke about the rescue diver dog Naida

The dog of pyrotechnics Patron has already become very popular on the Web, so the State Emergency Service of Ukraine decided to talk about another “employee”.

Patron, who works in the team of pyrotechnicians of the State Emergency Service of the Chernihiv region, has already become a real Instagram star. But many more dogs are working in the State Emergency Service to help the fighters.

So, on the Facebook page of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, they talked about the shepherd Naida, a diving dog from the Cherkasy region.

“Do you know that in the State Emergency Service there are not only pyrotechnic dogs, but also diving dogs? No? Well, then, get acquainted!

This is Naida, a new “employee” of the search, diving and rescue group of the emergency rescue squad of the Special Forces of the Main Directorate of the State Emergency Service of Cherkasy.

Naida is a thoroughbred shepherd, but they took her from a shelter.

From the first days of their acquaintance, Naida showed discipline and passion for water. So the divers decided to teach her the necessary commands, including those for water rescue.

There are still several classes of the “diving school” for Naida ahead, but already today the dog confidently and clearly executes commands and is ready to fully meet the swimming season and take care of the safety of vacationers,” the rescuers from the State Emergency Service write.

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