Five unsuccessful attempts: who and when tried to kill Putin and how the dictator now defends himself

There is information that Russian dictator Vladimir Putin survived five assassination attempts and now fears for his life so much that he surrounded himself with an elite team of snipers.

The latest assassination attempt on Putin is believed to have been at the start of a full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, though details are only now emerging. But it is not known exactly who is behind the likely attack and where it took place.

The Sun writes about it.

The publication writes that behind the talk, Putin is very afraid for himself and another attempt on his life. The Russian president has become obsessed with the idea that someone wants to kill him, and therefore hides in his isolated bunker.

He even surrounded himself with snipers who are believed to travel with him everywhere. The snipers have one very important task from the dictator – to find other shooters and “catch them” before they can pull the trigger, pointing their weapons at Putin.

The individuals hired to protect Putin are among those allowed close enough to the head of the Kremlin. According to Putin, he, too, can be poisoned. So he hired a team of people who taste his food before they eat it.

The Russian dictator appears to be growing increasingly paranoid behind the scenes, fearing that someone in his own sanctuary might poison him.

There were rumors that Putin even ordered special gloves to protect his skin from possible exposure to the killer substances. Even his daily morning swim is no longer “sacred” as he checks the water several times a day to make sure there are no suspicious chemicals.

According to reports, Putin is constantly accompanied by a legion of doctors.


So, what and when were the attempts to assassinate Vladimir Putin:

Attempt number 1

During Putin’s state visit to Azerbaijan in 2002, an Iraqi was arrested, the suspect planned to kill the Russian president. The suspect is reportedly linked to Afghanistan and Chechen rebel forces.

He allegedly was going to deliver explosives to the interlocutor. The security forces found out about the conspiracy and detained the man and accomplice.

They were sentenced to ten years in prison.

Attempt number 2

Another attempt, they say, according to the media, was planned in November 2002. Then the details of another story about Putin’s life appeared. The Russian leader was supposed to drive along the highway near the Kremlin.

Along the way, there was a group of people who claimed they were putting up new signs. In an hour, 40 kilograms of exploding explosives were found on the road.

The devices then mysteriously disappeared, and Putin’s car changed routes.

At the same time, officials still refuse to comment on this issue and even deny that it ever happened.

Assassination attempt number three

British anti-terrorism police reportedly thwarted a conspiracy to assassinate Putin in October 2003. A source told The Sunday Times that the two would-be assassins were arrested, but they were fired without charge and returned to Russia.

The men, one of whom was likely a Russian intelligence assassin, were alleged to be plotting to have Putin shot dead by a sniper while traveling abroad.

The report alleges that the former Russian agent knew a senior officer in the Federal Security Service (FSB), the Russian state security service and successor to the Soviet KGB, who provided information about Putin’s movements abroad, allowing the assassins to stage the assassination.

Police confirmed that two men, aged 40 and 36, were detained in connection with the charges, but were released after questioning and told no action would be taken against them.

Fourth assassination attempt on Putin

This time, one of the Chechens named Adam was suspected. It was shown on Russian television after an alleged plot to assassinate Putin was thwarted in 2012.

He later appeared on television, half-naked and with obvious injuries, making an ostensible confession. In a statement, he said: “Our goal was to go to Moscow and try to kill Prime Minister Putin… Our term was after the presidential elections in Russia.”

Recall that Kirill Budanov, head of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense, spoke about 5 assassination attempts on Putin . He claims it was about two months ago. According to him, the attempt was unsuccessful. There is no publicity about this event, but it took place.

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