How many missiles are left in Russia: a military expert gave an answer

Russia is shelling Ukraine with Soviet rockets, there is almost a ton of explosive, 960 kg. But such missiles are vulnerable to air defense.

Russia is hitting the territory of Ukraine with used missiles with low accuracy, but a powerful warhead. These are the ones that are being shelled in the Odessa region .

This was told by the military-political observer Oleksandr Kovalenko on the air of the FreeDom marathon on the Ukraine 24 YouTube channel.

“Today, the most dangerous missile is the X-22. This is an old Soviet missile, which has simply catastrophic “accuracy”. There deviations can be 200, and 300 meters, and even more. They, among other things, had a lot of problems when they were new – in the 1960s, primarily with fuel systems. They could even fail engines during the flight, “says the expert.

What exactly is the danger today – a very serious warhead, Kovalenko notes.

“There is almost a ton of explosive, 960 kg. In Soviet times, it was the warhead that solved problems with accuracy – even if you didn’t hit the target and the rocket fell 100, 200 meters away, due to the powerful high-explosive fragmentation warhead, the target will receive damage. And now the situation is such that these missiles are mostly fired on the territory of Ukraine. In Odessa and the Odessa region, these missiles are being used,” he said.

The expert explained how long Russia will be able to launch missile strikes on the territory of Ukraine.

“If we are talking about Russia’s missile capabilities in general, then it has a fairly wide range of missiles from the Soviet period. Even those that they have ceased to use often — the Caliber and Iskander cruise missiles — they remain in their warehouses in the so-called But in terms of application, if we talk about the Kh-22, this is an old Soviet missile that is more vulnerable to air defense than the Caliber or Iskander, so the more we delve into this Soviet legacy, the more their missiles are vulnerable for the air defense of Ukraine,” the military-political observer said.

Recall, on May 20, the Russian invaders launched an airstrike on the Odessa region. As a result, the beach toilet was destroyed.

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