How to get compensation for lost housing: step by step instructions

To receive compensation for destroyed or damaged housing, you need to file an application in the Diya application or at the Central National Anti-corruption Agency, or on the Russia will pay website.

This is stated in the plot of the program “Snіdanok z 1 + 1”.

How to get compensation for lost housing: step by step instructions

  • In the application that you submit to “Dії”, you should indicate where exactly, what exactly is damaged.
  • Photo and video evidence of the destruction, if any, should be added to the application.
  • We need a written act that can be drawn up by hand in any form. And this act can be confirmed by neighbors or witnesses of the incident with their signatures.
  • If now you start to restore the destroyed houses on your own, then keep the receipts. Together with photographic evidence of the destruction, they guarantee state compensation.

It is planned that a decision on reimbursement will be made by a special commission – a temporary collegial body – on the basis of this application in “Дії” and the documents that the person will attach.

The Commission will also determine the form of compensation. If the housing is destroyed or cannot be restored, then it is necessary to allocate a new building with a maximum area of 150 square meters. m. If the housing is damaged, then they will provide financial assistance, which will correspond to the amount of damaged property.

Note that if a person does not have the “Diya” application, you can apply for compensation at the Center for the provision of administrative services. There are appropriate workers who will help to do this. In addition, a similar application can be filled in the military administration. And also – to submit on another portal “Russia will pay.”

It is still unknown when exactly compensation will be paid. Now there is only a stage of fixing the destruction. The bill, which will regulate payments, is being finalized.

Recall, on May 20, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky announced that he had approached international partners with a proposal to create a special fund of confiscated Russian assets, from which all victims of aggression would be able to receive appropriate compensation.

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