“I decided to prove myself on the battlefield”: a businessman who bought the Dnepr hotel for $ 1.1 billion is fighting in the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Oleksandr Kokhanovsky, the “godfather” of Ukrainian eSports and a businessman, is fighting in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Recently, a man returned from the front line and plans to master the profession of “sniper”.

He spoke about this in an interview with Аin.ua

Oleksandr Kokhanovsky created one of the most successful and well-known cyber organizations in Ukraine and beyond. With the start of a full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation, he went to war with the Russians.

“We first went to volunteer battalion under the MTR, then we worked with the police, and now we are working with the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Regarding experience, yes, I have a basic, rather small training, experience in shooting from firearms. And the motivation was, first of all, that this is my city, my country. No one can impose their own rules on us. I want us to live with the government, the power that we ourselves choose, and not that they want to impose on us through war, “says Alexander. .

According to him, now his unit is on exercises. Soldiers are preparing to master heavy weapons and various small arms.

“Now most of ours are shooters, then we will be trained with heavy weapons. Personally, I want to sniper, I am going through sniper training. We have drones, satellite phones, we can aim artillery. Perhaps we can say that we position ourselves as a group of scouts” , – says Kokhanovsky.

He had already managed to make war near Izyum and in the direction of Barvenkove, Kharkov region.

“They are constantly firing at the front end: somehow I got out of the car, I see: a pole is flying right over my head, a 6-meter crap, a Smerch rocket. It fell 50 meters away, thank God that it hit the field, and that’s all “You can die here every day. And you just need to take this conscious risk. About the conditions: we sleep in some houses, we eat what they give. Sometimes you can eat at the headquarters, sometimes volunteers bring something up,” says Alexander.

According to him, the experience of a gamer helps to work in a team.

“This is the ability to listen to the commander, and the ability to command himself, the ability to manage people, the speed of reaction, communication – all this helps me a lot now. These are big pluses for every gamer who decides to prove himself on the battlefield,” says the businessman.

Recall that Ivan Martynov, the author of the popular phrase “this is an abomination”, known to the Internet community as “A clear kid from Rivne”, is fighting against Russian invaders in the Donetsk direction . He destroys the Russians as part of a separate 68th jaeger brigade.

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