In a blue dress and with a yellow handbag: Tilda Swinton supported Ukraine at the Cannes Film Festival

British actress, star of “Doctor Strange” appeared in Cannes in the colors of the Ukrainian flag.

Tilda Swinton attended the press conference of the science fiction film “Three Thousand Years of Wishes” at the Cannes Film Festival, in which she played the main role.

Tilda Swinton / Photo: Getty Images

There, the actress appeared in a blue long shirt dress. The actress completed her look with a yellow handbag.

Tilda Swinton / Photo: Getty Images

The event was attended by the editor-in-chief of Marie Claire Ukraine, Irina Tatarenko, who asked Swinton whether the blue and yellow color in her image is support for Ukraine or just the choice of a stylist. To which the actress replied that “this is about Ukraine.”

“I asked her: “Yellow and blue in your outfit – is this your manifesto or the choice of a stylist?” She briefly answered: “Yes, it’s about Ukraine” and smiled at me,” Irina Tatarenko wrote under the video with Tilda on her Instagram .

Recall that more and more world stars and monarchs are giving their support to Ukraine. They appear at various events in blue and yellow outfits and with Ukrainian ribbons on their clothes.

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