In Kyiv, volunteers invite everyone to weave kikimoras: they are looking for volunteers

This camouflage suit can save a soldier’s life, so it is very important to create as many of them as possible, according to the plot of the “Snіdanok z 1 + 1” program.

“There is a critical need for kikimors. This is a camouflage suit. Even a thermal imager cannot see a person in such an invisibility cloak,” says Ekaterina Maistrenko, coordinator of the Pechersk Kotiki organization.

The process of creating kikimor is very labor-intensive. For one sleeve of such clothes, 1 person with experience spends 5 hours. It can take up to three days to weave the entire product if it is weaved 8 hours a day by 3-4 people. The creation of kikimora consists of two stages: cutting the fabric and directly weaving.

Therefore, everyone is invited to a master class – its duration is half an hour. Children are also invited to sign a postcard-amulet for ZSU soldiers who will receive these protective suits.

Catherine calls on all Ukrainians to unite in groups, find a place and start making protective clothing that is so necessary for Ukrainian soldiers. In turn, the organization will share with everyone the technologies and schemes for creating kikimor.

It is important to remember that one kikimora is one saved life and one step to victory.

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