National Day of "Your Day": hosts of the infotainment show on 1 + 1 were selected from the live broadcast and told about the further share of the project

Today, May 24, the day of the premiere of the beloved daytime infotainment show “Your Day” on 1 + 1 was celebrated.

The project was created by a team of professionals “Snidanka z 1 + 1” and ZhVL i vіn becoming a direct-to-air daytime show on the Ukrainian TV channel. At the hosts, together with the guests, experts lived the main days of the day, at the light and unimpressed format, the details were recognized, they were heard for the sake of discussion at the studio. “Your Day” aired on the air “1 + 1” exactly 9 months.

Today at the live broadcast “Snidanka z 1 + 1” hosts of the show Timur Miroshnichenko, Stasya Rovinska, Volodymyr Rabchun, Ruslana Pysanka, Irina Vannikova, Kostyantyn Grubich , and also Olena Kravets that pіdtremati odne one i glyadachіv.

Photo: press service of the channel “1 + 1”

At the studio “Snidanku” all the presenters at once were chosen by the author and producer of the show Yegor Gordiev, who having guessed, how to start the project, that rest day, if the show went on the air. For irony, I spent the whole day on the 24th fierce. Igor Gordiev also announced that the project will immediately turn on the air 1 + 1 after the victory of Ukraine.

Photo: press service of the channel “1 + 1”

Your Day” will continue like life itself. Don’t forget that our motto is: “If life gives you a lemon, make a new lemonade.” And then we will overcome Ukraine, and “Your Day” will turn on the screen ,” commented the producer of the show “Your Day” Yegor Gordiev.

Photo: press service of the channel “1 + 1”

The hosts of “Your Day” did not stream emotions, guessing the robot live. Usi stinks rose, de perebuvayut for a given moment, what to live and mrіyut turn to the Batkivshchyna and on the air of “Your Day”.

Photo: press service of the channel “1 + 1”

Irina Vannikova came to the air from France, and specially in honor of the national day of the project, she put on a blouse of yellow color, which is associated with the viewers from “Your Day”. Ruslana Pysanka, while staying in Nіmechchyna , charged everyone with optimism and, in perseverance, she raised her pride for her colleagues, like raising the informational defense in Kiev. And Olena Kravets , on the included in Bulgaria, where to know at once from the children, encouraged her colleagues with fires and roared, that you even want to turn to work.

Photo: press service of the channel “1 + 1”

I’m going to turn back home in Kiev and on “Your Day”, because in my life it was less rich, less for yours, and I need to fill in the glade. I don’t know too many presenters .


Photo: press service of the channel “1 + 1”

Volodymyr Rabchun reached the air from the studio of the FreeDom TV channel, and Timur Miroshnichenko and Kostyantyn Grubich, who were regular watchers on the air of Snidanka, welcomed the watchers from Kiev houses. Stasya Rovinska said that she was from her homeland in the United States, and guessing the robot on the air, did not shed tears and emotions:

Photo: press service of the channel “1 + 1”

Yakbi me r_k told me that I’ll be through the river, and that it would be with the project, I would not believe it at all. I love you even more and I terribly sum it up, you became for me sіm’єyu. aje for the wealthy people of wine, becoming a nameless supporter ,” said Stasya Rovinska.

For example, the gazers smelled the soundtrack of the infotainment show “Your Day”, the author of which was Arsen Mirzoyan, a Vikonian. All the hosts of “Your Day” said about the obov’yazkovo zustritisya all at once at the studio, the project, and they helped one person to be strong and powerful in moving.

Let’s guess, the creators of the informational and promotional project “Your Day” were the team of professionals “Snidanku z 1 + 1” and Yuliya Zhmakina, Director of the Rank Movement Department, and Egor Gordievim, Producer. 

Sign up for 1 + 1, marvel at the national marathon “Single news”, also check for you today “Snіdanok z 1 + 1” from 07:00 to 10:00, and at weekends – from 8:00 to 10:00 on TET TV channels i 2+2, as well as on YouTube.

Photo: press service of the channel “1 + 1”

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