Putin will "disappear in a sanatorium": the former head of British intelligence said who and when can change the dictator

In 2023, Vladimir Putin will no longer be President of the Russian Federation. Against the background of statements that he is losing control of power due to illness, he will be sent to a sanatorium for treatment “from which he will no longer leave as the leader of Russia.”

In April, it was reported that Putin was suffering from cancer and was being monitored around the clock by a specialist doctor, and last week the Russian president even missed several military meetings due to treatment.

This was stated by the former head of British intelligence Mi-6 Richard Dearlove, writes Daily Mail .

I think that by 2023 he will leave , but probably to a sanatorium from which he will not leave as the leader of Russia. I’m not saying that he will not leave the sanatorium, but he will no longer be the leader of Russia. This is a way to move things without a coup,” says the former head of Mi-6

Dirlav also believes that he will replace the head of the Kremlin, most likely Nikolai Patrushev , secretary of the Russian National Security Council and one of Putin’s favorite “siloviki”.

At the same time, the former head of British intelligence suggests that “within the next year, 18 months, perhaps something will fall apart.” Under these words, he suggests that the end of the Putin regime in Russia may come, but this does not mean that he will disappear. And the reason for this is the large-scale war in Ukraine, which the Russian Federation began three months ago, on February 24.

“There is no doubt that this Ukrainian operation is a disaster. The economy is in disarray, sanctions will really start to hurt in the next three to six months, there will be very high inflation, and moreover, militarily this is a complete fiasco,” Dirlav notes.

Recall that on February 24, Russia attacked Ukraine , inflicting a series of missile and air strikes on our cities, including Kiev. The large-scale invasion has been going on for the 90th day (war of 8 years). The invaders continue to destroy Ukrainian villages, towns and cities with cruise missiles and air bombs, killing the civilian population and causing devastating destruction to the infrastructure.

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