Rising prices and food shortages: what may be missing

How prices for socially important products have changed, which products can be in short supply – in the material TSN.ua

Since the beginning of the war, most products have risen in price, but there are some whose price has decreased somewhat over the past month.

Buckwheat rose in price most of all, compared with January, its average price increased by 29%.

According to the Ministry of Finance, the following products have risen in price:

  • buckwheat, its cost in January 2022 was 50.20 UAH per kg, as of May 21, its average price is 70.52 UAH,
  • flour in January 2022 cost UAH 22.11, now – UAH 24.15,
  • milk rose in price from UAH 31.36 in January to UAH 32.90 in May,
  • sugar – UAH 25.78 and UAH 26.92, respectively,
  • pork breast – 108.89 UAH and 117.45 UAH.,
  • onions – UAH 23.19 and UAH 33.33,
  • carrots – 14 UAH and 21.33 UAH,
  • bananas – 29.52 UAH. and 46.57 UAH.

At the same time, prices have fallen:

  • chicken eggs – 41.03 UAH in January for 10 pcs. and 28.71 UAH in May,
  • wheat bread – 25.20 UAH in January and 22.70 UAH in May,
  • sunflower oil, respectively, 57.45 UAH. and 57 UAH.

What products may be missing

A shortage of salt is expected due to the closure of the monopolist for its production “Artemsol” and there may be problems with vegetables.

Most likely, vegetable crops grown in the south of Ukraine, a significant part of which is occupied by Russian troops, will be in short supply. First of all, a shortage of sweet pepper is predicted, which was grown in large volumes on the territory of the Kherson region. There may also be interruptions with other vegetables, because most of the vegetables were grown just by the farmers of the Kherson region. For products such as onions, carrots and cabbage, this area has no competitors at all.

Most greenhouses are located in Zaporozhye, Kherson and Ternopil regions. There is hope that the Dnipro and Lviv regions, where they also traditionally grow a lot of vegetables, will partially cover this shortcoming. The worst situation can be expected with watermelons and melons, which are grown on an industrial scale in the Kherson region.

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