The invaders were looking for the "king of the village": Bessmertny spoke about the death of the family of the elder Motyzhin

Ukrainian politician and ex-Ambassador of Ukraine to Belarus Roman Bessmertny talked with the Sukhenko family, who were shot by infidels in Motyzhin, Kyiv region.

He was one of the last people to see alive the man of the village headman Olga Sukhenko Igor.

He spoke about this on the air of “Breakfast with 1 + 1”.

The village of Motyzhin, Kyiv region, was occupied by the Russians at the end of February. Politician and ex-Ambassador of Ukraine to the Republic of Belarus Roman Bessmertny arrived in the village a few days before the occupation. His wife and children were safe, so the man planned to take his old mother, 82-year-old Olga Demyanovna, out of Motyzhin. However, the pensioner refused to leave her home. Then Roman decided to wait a few days to persuade Olga Demyanovna to leave, but already on February 27, Motyzhin was occupied.

“Literally the first night, cluster bombs were thrown at the village, several houses caught fire. Then the situation became more complicated. The invaders no longer marched through the settlement, but began to bypass, setting fire to houses, killing people,” says Bessmertny.

The Russian military settled down on their share, so that the politician saw the invaders from the window of the house. After a few days of occupation, heat, gas and electricity disappeared in Motyzhin. Every morning, Roman Bessmertny stoked the stove and cooked food on it. Several times the occupiers entered his house with searches, and the Immortal himself was interrogated for 4 hours.

According to Bessmertny, he watched the schedule of the occupiers and learned to adapt – he tried to do all the household chores in the morning, recharge the phones before the occupiers turned on the electronic warfare.

“In simple terms, these are savages, or more precisely, they are barbarians. As a teacher of international law, I can say that these are people living outside the law. The fact that the Russian army does not understand the rules and customs of war shocked me. They they don’t understand that these are the military, this is the civilian population, these are children. They don’t have this distinction at all, ”recalls Bessmertny.

According to his observations, the occupiers were irritated most of all by the standard of living of Ukrainians.

“They were shocked by the standard of living of Ukrainians. They asked me: “Are there many such settlements in Ukraine?” I answered, “Well, 36 thousand.” For them, the standard of living is a shock,” says Bessmertny.

According to him, he constantly communicated with all family members of the village headman, Olga Sukhenko, who was tortured by the Russians.

“On March 23, we met for the last time with Igor (Olga Sukhenko’s husband – ed.). They handed me a box of medicine. He came to take it away. I was “scammed” several times, so there was hope that they would not come again.After 6 pm, I started calling Igor by phone, there was no connection anymore.I started dialing Olya, there was no connection with her either. Igor and Sasha Olya and Igor stayed in Motyzhin because it was necessary to take care of the village, because there were people who needed medicines, firewood – Igor and his friends brought them. “, says Roman Bessmertny.

According to him, the villagers began to look for the village headman on the day of her disappearance, but they did not have access to the place where the occupiers set up a “headquarters” and brought people there.

According to Roman Bessmertny, the occupiers were constantly looking for the “king” of the village – the one who, according to their worldview, held the whole of Motyzhin in his fist, but since there is no such concept in Ukrainian society, the villagers could not determine exactly what the occupiers meant, so every time named various influential people in the village. Perhaps someone called Olga Sukhenko.

Recall that after the liberation of the Kiev region, the invaders found the bodies of the headman of the village of Motyzhin Olga Sukhenko, her husband Igor Sukhenko and their son Alexander. The Russians abducted them on March 23.

Recall that after the liberation from Russian invaders in the city of Bucha and other settlements of the Kiev region, mass graves are found in which Russian killers buried civilians who were shot only because they were Ukrainians. Prosecutor General of Ukraine Irina Venediktova said that 410 bodies of Ukrainians killed by the occupiers had already been taken out of the Kiev region.

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