The lowest incidence rate: Komarovsky commented on the situation with coronavirus in Ukraine and the world

The reason why the incidence of coronavirus has dropped so sharply is the Delta variant.

To date, WHO states the lowest level of coronavirus incidence in the United States and Canada over the past year and a half. Europe.

This was told by a pediatrician, candidate of medical sciences, TV presenter Yevgeny Komarovsky on the Freedom TV channel.

“Nevertheless, people continue to get sick. For the risk group, there is a mortal danger. Therefore, it is necessary to continue vaccination,” Komarovsky explained.

He added that the reason that the incidence of coronavirus has fallen so sharply is the Delta variant.

“Delta was uniquely contagious. There was practically no person who would not have been in contact with this variant of coronavirus, those who were not vaccinated received immunity thanks to Delta. Thus, the entire population of Europe and Ukraine received antibodies,” said Komarovsky.

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