Google again unhappy with Pixel Fold, autumn launch in doubt

Google’s first foldable smartphone, like the Pixel Watch, has long been a long-term construction device. In November, rumors spread about the cancellation of the project and orders for its components, which were later refuted by a small video teaser, renders and even early price tags , and the new launch date indicated the end of 2022. But, according to new information from the Korean edition of The Elec, the launch of the Pixel Fold has been postponed again. Sources close to Google claim that the new delay is due to the fact that the stage of completion of the project is far from what the search giant wants to see. Fortunately, there is no talk of a complete cancellation of the project: according to an authoritative specialist in the display industry, Ross Young, the launch of the foldable Googlephone has been postponed to the spring of 2023.

Google вновь недовольна Pixel Fold, осенний запуск под вопросом
Pixel Fold Concept

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