UNIT.City reinventing the work – how does the innovation park work in the minds of the war?

UNIT.City reinventing the work - how does the innovation park work in the minds of the war?

In Kiev, having reinvented its UNIT.City robot, a technological park has built its infrastructure for residents and guests, as well as developing a new model of robotics in the minds of war.


We will help raise funds for thermal imagers for rescuers in Mykolaiv and Kharkiv regions

On the first day of the Russian invasion, UNIT.City did not attach its own work, but worked in a fringed format, focusing on the consumption of sleep. Zakrema, during this period, the free rent option was introduced, which allows resident companies to pay the rent according to their authority. Vaughn diє i contagion. It seems that after three months of the winter the resident arrived without leaving the innovation park.

From 30 May already available: five business campuses, coworking, a swedish prototyping laboratory, conference halls and maidanchiki for visiting. In the same way, programs and accelerators will be gradually updated to support Ukrainian startups.

UNIT.City said that until the end of the war, safety is a key priority. All the territory of the park has been strengthened to be protected, the bomb-shelters are equipped with the necessary for a trivial change of residents.

“Today, UNIT.City is perhaps the safest place for doing business in Kyiv,” appoints Kirilo Bondar, partner of that CFO UNIT.City. – The more people turn to work at once, the more the economy of our country will be rejuvenated. And tse is the main task of Ukrainian business in the current minds”

Administration UNIT.City

UNIT.City in the “nutrition-review” format elaborated in detail about change and mind work.

How to practice UNIT.City?

The territory of the innovation park is open for new and potential residents. Guests can use coworking services, and for residents of UNIT.Kharkiv and Lviv.Tech.City, coworking in Kiev will be free. From the main infrastructure is already available UNIT.Cafe and points of Swedish eating. Nadali will also be inspired by the work of a restaurant, a street cafe and a sports hub.

The schedule of work and access to the territory in the minds of the military will be secured from 8-00 to 20-00 in the evening without days off.

How will you ensure the safety of people in the territory of the park?

For the safety of the residents and the workers, UNIT.City organized two daily bombings with a total of about 1000 people. The stench has been blasted with everything necessary for work in the minds of a troubling anxiety. Zocrema stocks of drinking water, work stations, internet and multimedia systems.

Also, a permit regime was introduced for settlements, and the protection of the territory was patrolled by the security service of the park.

How will the robot of Maidan events be secured?

Conference halls work as a rule, with obov’yazkovim dotrimannyam usіh safety rules and norms of legislation. For example, at the hour of the alarm, the guests will descend at the bomb shelter, de, for the organizers’ bazhanny, they can go on, and start the multimedia possession installed there.

What will be updated lighting programs?

There are plans to launch free accelerator programs for startups. The project team is actively cooperating with international partners, and any startups from Ukraine can reach the lighting and investment programs of Europe, Asia and the USA.

How many residents have already turned or plan to turn to work?

On May 30, close to 200 practitioners turned to work. Zgіdno with the previous applications, the next few days more 400 will be cleared, and by the end of the night, the administration will turn to the park for most of the companies.

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