Samsung LCD screens are everything! Complete rejection in favor of OLED and QLED

Samsung Display is a leading supplier of OLED screens for smartphones and other electronics, although the production of LCD panels is still ongoing. However, already this month this line of business will be closed. According to the Korean Times, Samsung Display will close its LCD division in June and reassign employees to the QD department (quantum dots used in the brand’s TVs). The products needed by Samsung Electronics will be purchased from Chinese and Taiwanese suppliers, whose lower price was the catalyst for an accelerated process of closing this part of the business. Samsung representatives declined to comment.

LCD-экраны Samsung всё! Полный отказ в пользу OLED

According to the media, the issue of closing the LCD production line was raised back in 2020, but the coronavirus pandemic led to a temporary increase in prices for this product category, so Samsung Electronics asked Samsung Display subsidiary to wait. However, now prices have continued their rapid fall, so that it has become inexpedient to maintain their own production. Note that this decision will mainly affect the market of LCD TVs and LCD monitors. Smartphones, almost in full force, managed to switch to OLED, and the remaining ultra-budgets already use LCD.

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According to Korean Times

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