Roskomnadzor launched a large-scale attack on top VPN services in Russia

From the very morning, users of VPN services popular in Russia began to notice failures in the operation of such programs as Proton VPN, Nord VPN and some others. Later, the regulator confirmed that this situation is not accidental. In its statement, Roskomnadzor said that it operates within the framework of the Law on Communications, which interprets the means of bypassing the blocking of prohibited content as a threat, in connection with which the relevant specialists began to apply measures to restrict access to them. This practice began last year – then dozens of VPN services fell under the restrictions, including the one built into the Opera browser, after which the developer was forced to disable this functionality in Russia.

Роскомнадзор начал масштабную атаку на топовые VPN-сервисы в России

Proton VPN management commented on this situation. According to him, they will not be able to resist the actions of telecom operators in Russia, although attempts to bypass the blocking are being made, and some servers continue to work. Among other things, the other day Roskomnadzor demanded that Google remove Tor Browser from the app store, which, obviously, is a link in the same chain of events to ensure the sovereign Russian Internet. It should be noted that in addition to access to information prohibited in Russia, VPN services provided users with access to applications that were not banned, but at one point or another decided to leave the Russian market. These include, in particular, Spotify. From this day on, it seems that access to all this will be as difficult as possible.

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According to Roskomnadzor

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