VIDEO: OnePlus Nord 2T review – I forbid you to get closer!

Since the third generation of its flagship, OnePlus has been applying a strategy involving the release of the autumn T series. Usually, an upgrade brings a number of relevant features that they did not have time or did not want to implement in the model of the first half of the year. The company decided to transfer the same logic to the mid-budget OnePlus Nord series, as a result of which we got the OnePlus Nord 2T. As in the case of the flagships, here we have an updated chip of the same MediaTek Dimensity 1000 (Dimensity 1300) series, a familiar 50-megapixel main camera with an opto-stub, a 4500 mAh battery, but this time with 80-W charging (which, by the way, , did not show its effectiveness) and Android 12 out of the box. As for the details, our review-comparison will tell about them.

In the course of getting acquainted with the new product, we checked all the important aspects of the user experience: the behavior of the screen (PWM, touch sensor, brightness, etc.), ran the device in tests and gaming applications, tracked the autonomy and conducted a head-on comparison of cameras using photos and videos. We attach the originals of the received content, but the general conclusion is that the frames can be viewed, but not zoomed in, especially when it comes to width. We are waiting for Nord 3, where there will be more impressive changes. In the meantime … Subscribe to the channel so as not to miss new videos!

ВИДЕО: обзор OnePlus Nord 2T - запрещаю тебе приближать!

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