The most interesting new series of June 2022

June is not very rich in new projects, but we are waiting for an abundance of continuations of popular TV shows. We have collected the most interesting novelties of the first month of summer for small screens. Help New series... Read more

Cruise receives approval to commercialize self-driving taxis in San Francisco

Cruise, owned by General Motors, is the first and only U.S. service to be approved for the commercial use of self-driving taxis. It will be possible to ride for money in a car without a driver in San Francisco. Help... Read more

US military hackers carried out offensive operations in support of Ukraine – head of Cyber Command

U.S. Cyber Command chief Paul Nakasone told Sky News in an exclusive interview that U.S. military hackers were conducting offensive operations in support of Ukraine. This is the first official confirmation of such operations in response to the Russian invasion.... Read more

Cyber police exposed a Bulgarian citizen in skimming – he faces up to 15 years in prison

Employees of the department for combating cybercrime, together with other law enforcement officers of the Lviv region, exposed a 37-year-old foreigner in illegal actions. A citizen of Bulgaria installed special skimming devices in ATM card readers to read user bank... Read more