The craftsman turned the Nokia 1680 into a mini-computer on Linux

Old Nokia phones are known to last forever, so enthusiasts will be using them in every possible way for a long time to come. A member of the Hackaday community with the pseudonym Remu NotMoe presented a working mini-computer in the case of a push-button Nokia 1680, released in 2008. He equipped it with an Ingenic X100E GHz processor, a 2″ IPS screen with QVGA resolution (visible area 280×220 pixels), a USB Type-C port, a 5-megapixel OmniVision camera, a Yamaha audio synthesis device, a microphone, Wi-Fi 4 modules, Bluetooth 4 and LoRa, as well as a standard BL-5C battery.

Умелец превратил Nokia 1680 в мини-компьютер на Linux

Unfortunately, after all these manipulations, there was no place for a cellular modem, so making calls and accessing the Internet via a cellular network from this device will not work. In addition, it didn’t work with the GUI, so you will have to control the “phone” using console commands typed on the native Nokia 1680 keyboard. Remu NotMoe called his device Notkia; he promises to soon publish detailed instructions for creating such a device. In the case of widespread interest, it is possible that someone will start selling ready-made kits for making Notkia or even assembled devices.

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