It's official: USB-C will become mandatory. Apple says goodbye to Lightning

The long-term saga of forcibly transferring Apple to USB-C has ended. The European Union authorities have officially adopted the necessary amendments to their Directives, and now, from 2024, all electronics that can be charged will have to be equipped with a USB-C port if their manufacturer wants to trade in the EU countries. Later, a power standard will also be approved, which will allow owners of smartphones, tablets, headphones and other electronics to be charged from accessories of any other analogue at the proper speed.

Официально: USB-C станет обязательным, а Apple попрощается с Lightning

In fact, the law is not aimed at Apple in any way, but aims to reduce the amount of electronic waste and make life easier for users. However, it just so happened that Apple will feel the demand for itself, since the Cupertino company still uses its own Lightning standard. In discussions about the adoption of this law, the Americans insisted that such a decision would be an obstacle to innovation, but officials were not impressed by this argument. Analysts expect Apple to switch to USB-C in the iPhone a year earlier, in 2023, but there may be a very extreme option – the corporation will abandon the charging connector altogether (however, the likelihood of this development is extremely small). And how do you feel about a single charger standard?

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