VIDEO: Dimensity 9000 gaming test – MediaTek rules Android now?

Qualcomm is considered to be the leader in terms of performance in the Android market, but the latest generations of American chipsets are discussed not so much in terms of ability, but in terms of heating and throttling. Against this background, MediaTek began to rapidly rise to the top, and the Dimensity 9000 became the quintessence of all this huge work. We took the Redmi K50 Pro as an example to check what this chip is capable of, and I must say, it surprised us a lot. First of all, we are talking about stability – the heated device handled Genshin Impact very, very well, to the envy of all competitors. With other gaming projects, Redmi K50 Pro is also doing well. However, see for yourself. Subscribe to the channel to find out how the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 will respond to this.

ВИДЕО: игровой тест Dimensity 9000 - MediaTek теперь рулит Android?

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