MacBook and iPad transition to OLED delayed: new timeline

Apple is moving very smoothly to OLED. So, over the past two years, the company has transferred the entire line of iPhones to organic crystals, but so far it has been slow with the iPad and Mac. It is known... Read more

Xiaomi will take an unpopular approach to the battery of the following devices

The issue of fast charging remains a key issue in the development of modern smartphone technology. Only in the last six months, 150-W technology was presented and information appeared on the preparation of a 200-W analogue for the second half... Read more

The price of Telegram Premium in Russia was higher than expected

Recently, Telegram announced the Telegram Premium subscription service, which will provide users with the function of textual transcription of voice messages, as well as expand existing limits . Then, at the level of rumors, the price was called $ 5... Read more