Many people hear about this format for the first time. However, online training is gaining popularity.

Already, there are more and more supporters of remote work, training and even communication.

But for a full active life, we need physical activity.

How can you train at home, saving valuable time?

Let’s take a closer look and compare!


1. For starters, if you have children, you will have to hire a nanny. Or find those who look after

for your child while you are in the hall. It’s about 3 hours. And extra expenses from the family budget.

2. You need to pack a bag with clothes, a towel and drinking water (you want to be sure

in what you drink).

3. You will have to get to the hall by transport, your own or public. In any weather.

Roundtrip. The expense of money, and the waste of time 1-2 hours on the road.

4. You will have to change clothes in the same locker room with everyone. Of course, if you are already close to excellent

sports uniform, do not suffer from complexes, and you can calmly expose yourself to strangers,

then everything is calm for you.

5. Don’t forget shared benches and busy lockers.

6. You are not alone in the hall, it is noisy and there are a lot of people around. And you have to put up with unpleasant

odors, with temperature – sometimes hot, sometimes the air conditioner blows too much. Moreover, the music is not from yours

favorite playlist. Not the most comfortable atmosphere, say, for meditation.

7. To get to the simulators or equipment, you have to wait in line. And also

can drive the next one in line.

8. Work in the hall.

In fact, a gym membership is a rental equipment. With a paid card, you get the right

come and sip iron. But in order to LEARN HOW to do it CORRECTLY – you will need more

pay extra for the instructor. Of course, any work and knowledge should be paid. But let you

the “conditionally favorable” price of the card for the year will not mislead. After all, the administration and owners

gyms do not bear any responsibility for whether you achieve the desired result, come

whether to the desired weight, whether you will harm your health due to improper execution technique,

or too difficult exercises, etc. They got you as a client, they are great. Everything.

Next, you are on your own. And who will help you build a training system? Who determines your level

training and tell you which exercises are contraindicated for you, and which ones will be the most

effective? Of course the instructor. But it’s not cheap, 150-500 UAH for 1 workout. (depending on the

the location of the gym and the regalia of the instructor).

9. After training, you will have to wait in line for a common shower and rely on the conscientiousness of the cleaners.

10. We try not to think about possible incidents with the loss of personal belongings (here we have to rely

on the good faith of administrators). Oh, do you have cameras in the locker rooms? Excellent ! At the guards

in front of the monitors just a holiday.

11. Well, at the end of a happy visit to the gym, we go joyfully home for 30-50 minutes, even if it rains,

frost or minibus in the summer …

12. Let’s summarize.

To afford a workout at the gym, you have to overcome all these barriers.

And this requires super motivation. If you are already in good shape and have been able to achieve some results,

that motivate you, then you have enough self-discipline to maintain a regimen of training.

But if you’re just starting out, if it’s hard for you to pull yourself together and get yourself to go to the gym,

if every time the reasons and excuses turn out to be stronger than you, then all these obstacles will remain

on your way. And a healthy, slender, flexible body will remain a Dream for you.

However ! There is a great option – it is your salvation:


1 . The child is next to you and under supervision. Nanny is not needed. Saved on toys

2. No bags and no transport. Everything you need is at your fingertips.

3. We meet on Skype at the agreed time according to the schedule. 3-5 minutes and you are ready to workout.

4. You can save yourself from the discomfort of prying eyes. You are at home!

5. No common items.

6. Complete freedom of action, comfort, peace and quiet.

7. All your sports accessories are private and freely available!

8. There are no hidden double surcharges. You pay only for access to the training.

And you get a full-fledged qualified personal job with a professional trainer

even in group workouts. On Skype, you see me, and I see you – this allows me to

correct your technique and help correct mistakes. And also watch

your well-being and see how each of you manages to cope with the complexity of the exercises.

Furthermore. I, as a coach, have a personal interest in you achieving the desired result.

Because my students and clients are a clear indicator of my professionalism and expertise.

Since everyone has individual initial starting data, then the approach to tasks

Each client is also very individual.

9. A clean shower is a pleasure)

10. We protect personal space from carriers of destructive energy, no irritated admins and rudeness.

11. With pleasure we lie in shavasana for 10-15 minutes, relaxing after a pleasant workout! …

12. When exercising at home, you can afford to run the washer, put dinner in the oven to cook,

and even leave the iron on) You don’t have to worry about how the baby is with the nanny and rush

return home faster. You simply will not be touched by all this fuss, it will remain somewhere far outside the window.

And you – will remain calm and free from unnecessary troubles, happy, looking at your baby,

and satisfied from a full workout!

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