Hit on hit: hot new items from the end of June on AliExpress

Summer is in full swing, but manufacturers (especially Chinese ones) are not going to go on vacation. So, next week there will be a presentation of two potential hits of the second half of the year – POCO F4 and... Read more

TSMC will make 3nm chipsets fundamentally different due to FinFlex

TSMC spoke at the North American Technology Symposium 2022, where she spoke about the prospects for her work in the coming years. The main block was a new approach to the production of FinFlex architecture for mobile chipsets, which is... Read more

Telegram Premium officially launched, but only on iOS for now

Telegram has released another update that finally introduces the very paid Telegram Premium subscription that has been talked about so much lately. Recall that this is an additional service that allows users to double the limits set inside the messenger... Read more

Motorola will step on the same rake for the third time in Razr 3

This summer, the foldable smartphone market will be replenished with many new products, one of which will be the Motorola Razr 3. At the same time, the device will be one of the first to receive the most powerful Snapdragon... Read more

Xiaomi boasts sales of Mi Band 7: successful, but is it the best?

At the end of May, Xiaomi held a presentation of Mi Band 7, a new generation of hit fitness bracelet. And now, with just over a half-month passed since the start of sales (May 31), the company is proud to... Read more

Announcement of Realme Q5x and Realme V20 – each configuration under a new name

BBK continues to compete with Xiaomi in creating the most confusing range of smartphones. Her daughter Realme today quietly presented the Realme Q5x and Realme V20, entry-level devices that look like two peas in a pod. And not only visually,... Read more

Ahead of schedule and focusing on the "bug": new details of Xiaomi 13

The presentation of Xiaomi 12 Ultra has not yet taken place, and the Digital Chat Station informant continues to supply us with rumors regarding the future Xiaomi 13 family. This time, the source announced that the company had reached the... Read more

Lightning everything? In the US, they proposed to unify charging after the EU

A couple of weeks after USB-C was officially adopted by the European Union as a universal connector for all gadgets, a similar initiative was taken by a trio of Democratic senators from Apple’s homeland – the United States. In their... Read more

Hit marketing: Sony is preparing the first 100-megapixel camera and something else

At the beginning of 2020, when the trend towards ultra-high resolution (108 MP) mobile cameras was born, Sony and Honor criticized this approach . The explanation for this was simple: the tiny pixel size (less than 1 micron) “is not... Read more

AirTag sales are booming: Apple may be preparing a second generation

While an American court is choosing a preventive measure for a murder committed with the help of surveillance with the AirTag tag , Apple is bathing in money from the sale of this almost criminal accessory. AirTag tags, which have... Read more