TSMC will make 3nm chipsets fundamentally different due to FinFlex

TSMC spoke at the North American Technology Symposium 2022, where she spoke about the prospects for her work in the coming years. The main block was a new approach to the production of FinFlex architecture for mobile chipsets, which is an extended toolkit for chipset developers to customize their chips. The idea is that developers can choose from three Fin blocks to build individual blocks of their product to get what they need. Fin blocks are marked as follows: 3-2 for maximum performance, 2-1 for maximum energy efficiency and 2-2 for balance. Each selected block will be customized separately, without affecting neighboring blocks. This will allow you to more precisely manage performance and energy efficiency, as well as reduce the space occupied.

TSMC сделает 3-нм чипсеты принципиально другими за счет FinFlex

FinFlex technology will be first implemented in the N3 generation at the end of 2022 (3nm), and then will be developed into N2, which will be ready by 2025 (2nm). By the way, N2 will improve performance and energy efficiency through the use of nanosheet transistor technology. Recall that TSMC’s current 4nm architecture is implemented in Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1, which enters the market in July.

TSMC сделает 3-нм чипсеты принципиально другими за счет FinFlex

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According to TSMC

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