SIM-cards in Russia became paid for new subscribers

The usual course of things in Russia is actively changing. Since the beginning of this week, SIM-cards, which for many years were issued to new customers of telecom operators for free, have now ceased to be such. The Kommersant publication reports that Beeline, MegaFon and its daughter Yota introduced fees for new SIM cards (in all cases, we are talking about the price of 50 rubles). A little later, MTS (June 24) and Tele2 (August 1) will do this. Everything is explained as a “forced measure” due to “an increase in the costs of telecom operators for the purchase of SIM cards, the cost of which in 2022 has increased significantly.”

Мобильные операторы в России теперь требуют деньги за новую SIM-карту

So, at the moment, the cost of one SIM card is about € 0.8, and in June it increased by 250%, and by September it is expected to grow to 420%. Previously, operators took the cost of SIM-cards on themselves, implying that the subscriber would pay for its cost many times over for a long time.

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