Tele2 began to raise prices for unlimited tariffs in Russia

In March, the Russian authorities recommended that mobile operators abandon unlimited tariffs and revise “gigabytes” in other tariffs downward in order to contribute to the stability of cellular networks in the face of “uncertainty” in the supply of telecommunications equipment. It looks like operators have begun to implement this recommendation. Users on social networks report receiving SMS notifications about an increase in the cost of an unlimited tariff from 450 to 750 rubles starting from July 5. At the same time, subscribers are offered to choose a tariff that is more suitable for their needs, or to maintain the existing conditions for another six months by making a full prepayment for the entire period.

Tele2 начал повышать цены на безлимитный Интернет в России

The publication of RBC came to the management of Tele2, which confirmed the above conditions. At the same time, the company explains that users of unlimited tariffs usually use a specific amount of traffic that the operator can cover at the expense of other tariffs, without the need to use unlimited:

“An analysis of the consumption profile of mobile Internet services by subscribers showed that most unlimited subscribers need a very specific amount of traffic, and Tele2’s open tariff line allows satisfying the needs of customers in different volumes of mobile Internet. Subscribers of the “Unlimited” line can choose a new package tariff based on their preferences and take advantage of personal offers,” Tele2 responds to RBC.

Information on the plans of other operators to revise their offers for subscribers is not yet available. Have you received a “letter of happiness” from Tele2?

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According to RBC

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