Nothing Phone (1) will initially be sold by invitation

Having stated that Nothing Phone (1) will not appear on the main global market , the company decided to talk about the distribution model of the device. She did this implicitly, casually mentioning at the end of the second part of the documentary. The fact is that the device will be sold according to the system of invites (invitations), resembling the sensational Clubhouse. By the way, OnePlus smartphones were sold in the same way at first. As Carl Pei himself explains in the video, the company faced a difficult choice: to accumulate a large number of devices in warehouses for mass launch in the same way as other brands do, or to start sales as early as possible, but in small batches – to afford the release of millions of devices at once Nothing for now can not.

Nothing Phone (1) изначально будет продаваться по приглашению

In the end, the second option was chosen. Due to this, two issues will be resolved: firstly, only the core audience, the most interested fans in it, will be able to get the device. Secondly, Nothing will be able to avoid the situation familiar to those who tried to buy a scarce PlayStation 5, when the batch appeared on the site and was already sold out in a couple of seconds – there would be almost no chance to buy Phone (1) in this scenario. Recall that the official presentation of Nothing Phone (1) will take place on July 12.

Nothing Phone (1) изначально будет продаваться по приглашению

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