The new PlayStation Plus has arrived in Europe. Russia overboard

The updated PlayStation Plus subscription has reached its final release milestone. Starting today, residents of Europe can use the new subscription service, which has become available to the triune version of PS Plus: Basic, Extra and Deluxe. Recall that the first one became a rebranding of the good old Sony subscription, the second one is all the same, but with the catalog of PlayStation 4 and 5 games, including the Ubisoft + Classics subscription with the library of this publisher, but the coolest option is the same as Extra + catalog of remasters + many hours of free demos + all sorts of discounts and that’s it. You can see the list of available games at this link .

Новый PlayStation Plus прибыл в Европу. Россия за бортом

We are attaching the Russian-language version of the Ukrainian PS Store not by chance – unfortunately, the new service did not launch in Russia: there is no Subscriptions section in the PlayStation 5 menu, and the desktop version of the store still does not open at all. Some users say that they managed to get partial access, but this is an isolated case, since PlayStation is not officially present in Russia right now (although there is no complete exit from the market). Despite a number of lawsuits, including those brought to victory by the plaintiffs , the return case has not yet moved from a dead center.

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