Xbox leaves Russia, the fate of Russian-language voice acting is in question

Microsoft officially announced its plans to completely withdraw its business from Russia. Along the way, the company has already begun blocking Windows downloads for Russian IP addresses, and now appears to be liquidating its Russian Xbox office. This is reported by GameMag, citing three own sources. According to him, Microsoft fired all Xbox employees, which the company allegedly plans to officially announce before June 30. In general, only a few people retained their jobs throughout Microsoft Russia, and the lease of office space in the Krylatskie Holmy business center will end on September 1 and will not be extended (Huawei will take the place of the Americans).

Xbox уходит из России, судьба русскоязычной озвучки неизвестна

GameMag touched upon the topic of Russian localization of games. According to these data, already announced projects will receive Russian voice acting, but the future is still seen as uncertain due to the fact that the dissolution of the Russian team, as well as the cessation of sales of consoles and content for them, may indicate a long-term rejection of the Russian market and, accordingly, the curtailment investment in user support (strictly speaking, no official sales – no investment in voice acting). Service will most likely be discontinued. Bethesda in Russia continues to work for the time being, but, given its affiliation with Microsoft, there may also be some changes here. Recall that earlier Sony stopped selling the PlayStation, games for them and turned off the PS Store, but such radical steps have not yet been reported.

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According to GameMag

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