Samsung will inflate watch prices in the Galaxy Watch 5

Samsung’s next major announcement will be Galaxy Z series foldable smartphones. The presentation is expected to take place in July, and along with the Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Galaxy Z Fold 4, the Galaxy Watch 5 should be shown. This is also supported by a leak from @rquandt, which marked the price tags in Europe. If the information is accurate (and Roland is usually not wrong), the next generation Galaxy Watch will be 30-50 euros more expensive than its predecessor, depending on the format. Thus, the Galaxy Watch 5 40 mm will be sold at a price of 300 and 350 euros, depending on the availability of the LTE module (pink gold, gray and silver colors), against 270 and 320 euros for analogues from the Galaxy Watch 4 series at the start . The 44mm version will be 50 euros more expensive: 350 and 400 euros (“gray”, “silver”, “blue”).

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Another interesting thing: @rquandt points to the presence of a model with the Pro index in the Galaxy Watch 5 line, which will sell for 490 and 540 euros, depending on the availability of a miracle module. The source clarifies that prices may vary slightly due to regional characteristics of the EU countries. There are no new details on filling all versions yet. Samsung hasn’t made any global announcements yet.

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