First press photo of Nothing Phone (1) in black

Two weeks separate us from the announcement of an extremely unusual smartphone from the young Nothing brand. The feature of the device with the uncomplicated name Phone (1) will be the design and the system of LEDs on the rear panel with very interesting usage scenarios . Existing promotional materials focus on the white version, but there will also be a black one. Today, finally, it is revealed in a press photo. Shared the find @ishanagarwal24, praising himself for the fact that there were no official images of him before. Here the system of diodes is more clearly drawn and the “transparency” of the backdrop is accentuated. It is unlikely that more colors will be presented, so the choice will be only from these two. Which one do you like more? Announcement July 12th.

Первое пресс-фото Nothing Phone (1) в черном цвете
nothing limited

© Artur Luchkin. mobile phone

According to Twitter

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