Google implemented an Easter egg in Android 13 in beta 3.3 [video]

Each new version of Android hides a small “easter egg” or easter egg – a mini-game that can be accessed by a combination of certain actions. With the release of beta version 3.3, Android 13 also got its Easter egg. To do this, you need to tap on the “Android version” field several times in the settings, and then set the virtual clock to 13:00. Further, by holding your finger on the colored bubbles, you can switch between thematic sets of colorful screensavers from thousands of emoji icons. In total, enthusiasts counted 14 such sets, and each time they change a little. Recall that the full launch of Android 13 will take place in September-October this year.

Google внедрила пасхалку в Android в бете 3.3 [видео]

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