Three by 50: key details on Xiaomi 12S Pro cameras

Xiaomi completes preparations for the announcement of the Xiaomi 12S series, and does not forget to pay attention not only to Xiaomi 12S Ultra, but also to Xiaomi 12S Pro, which is noticeably simpler. Today, for example, the Chinese shared information on cameras and demonstrated several interesting shooting effects. According to these data, the smartphone will receive three 50-megapixel modules, where the Sony IMX707 already familiar from Xiaomi 12 Pro with an equivalent focal length of 24 mm will be the main one. It will be complemented by a telephoto camera with 2x optical zoom (50 mm) and a wide angle with a capture angle of 115 degrees (14 mm). As for the effects, Xiaomi will offer a black and white mode (35mm, f/1.4) and two portrait modes: classic (50mm, f/0.95) and soft focus (50mm, f/2.2). Leica’s involvement has not yet been fully disclosed. It’s left for tomorrow’s press conference.

Три по 50: ключевые детали по камерам Xiaomi 12S Pro Три по 50: ключевые детали по камерам Xiaomi 12S Pro

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According to Xiaomi

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