Xiaomi 12S Ultra first appeared in all its glory on promotional posters

Tomorrow, July 4, there will be a presentation of new Xiaomi products, where there will be a lot of interesting things. However, the most tidbit is the flagship Xiaomi 12S Ultra with an advanced Leica camera. Despite a series of leaks, the final design of the “ultra” was kept secret until the very end, but today it is no longer a mystery shrouded in darkness. A series of “official” posters has spread on Chinese social networks, where the main character is just Xiaomi 12S Ultra. On them we can see the design of the main camera with a classic twist, as well as a leather back. Another compares Xiaomi 12S Ultra with Xiaomi 12S Pro, which has a noticeably simpler camera, but also with Leica and that’s it. We will see all the details and better photos and videos tomorrow. Don’t miss our announcements!

Xiaomi 12S Ultra впервые показался во всей красе на промопостерах
Xiaomi 12S Ultra впервые показался во всей красе на промопостерах

Xiaomi 12S Ultra впервые показался во всей красе на промопостерах

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