What can improve the quality of confectionery products?

There are many factors that affect the quality of confectionery products. But we have to talk about the quality of the ingredients. Flour has a great influence on the quality of baking. There are many studies studying the properties of flour that influence the quality of confectionery products. The company grainimprovers.com “Grain Improvers” has a line of enzymes for flour milling industries. It is able to improve flour performance. This contributes to an increase in some baking indicators.
Firstly, the elasticity of baking increases. This gives stability and shape to cakes or rolls. Secondly, the softness of flour products increases. This also helps to stabilize the finished product. That is, a cupcake or cake can be filled with stuffing. At the same time, it will have the form. The fermentation process leads to an improvement in sublimation indicators. Therefore, we have a good result. Thirdly, the extension of the expiration date of baking. The key trends today are environmental friendliness and a clean label. It seems that it is impossible to achieve a long shelf life with a natural composition. But this is a mistake. “Grain Improvers” enzymes are natural. It replaces emulsifiers and preservatives in the composition. Thus, the products are stored for 2-3 times longer, compared to baking without enzymes. Moreover, it has a healthy composition.
Other ingredients can be added to the composition in smaller quantities. For example, using enzymes, you can allow 30% less eggs to be used in the composition. Without reducing the quality.
We are definitely convinced of the need for enzymes for cupcake products. However, it is also suitable for biscuits. In their production, the aeration process is especially important. Improvers contribute to filling the dough with air. The biscuit is subject to rapid drying due to its low fat content. Enzymes improve this situation. Of course, if you use this, then the finished product has a less crumbly structure.

Wheat Flour improvers. Bread additives: grainimprovers.com

Thus, the use of enzymes for flour simplifies the production of confectionery products. To increase the quality of products. And also to make production cheaper.

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