Cases for all iPhone 14 in the photo: design features and a new camera

iPhone 14 is the most anticipated new product of the second half of this year. At the moment, there are no prerequisites for the transfer, and therefore fans of American creativity should focus on September. Meanwhile, Chinese accessory makers have... Read more

New Hope? Samsung Galaxy S23 may lose Exynos version

Rumors that Samsung is gradually curtailing the development of Exynos have been going on for years, but the Galaxy S flagships are still being released according to the divided geography scheme, where some regions get Qualcomm, and some get Exynos.... Read more

Review of the cartoon "Sea Monster" / The Sea Beast

Netflix has released a new feature-length cartoon “Sea Monster”. The well-known streaming service has attracted Disney veteran Chris Williams, the creator of Moana and the Oscar-winning City of Heroes, to work on the project. The novelty received an impressive budget... Read more